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Eyebrow fillers or eyebrow pencil?

hello my Apples,

So today I was going through some of my makeup pictures and something caught my attention. I noticed a huge difference in some of my pictures in terms of eyebrow filling. 

I saw one, I couldn’t hold back the laughter. I clearly didn’t know what I was doing. 

I have tried eyebrow filler, eyebrow pencil and the combination of both. 

I remembered when I started my beauty training, eyebrow fillers were not common and in trend as it is now. Till date, I’m not a huge fan of eyebrow fillers. Some will leave the brow sticky and too hard to blend out and some doesn’t just work for me or maybe it’s my application technique that is wrong but i wouldn’t know why it doesn’t work out. 
I’m not saying there are not great eyebrow fillers out there but I think I’m just used to pencils and I still achieve the same result.

If at all I find myself in a situation where fillers are the only brow product available, I will choose the matte filler. 
Another thing I noticed is, eyebrow fillers are long lasting than pencils. I don’t know if am wrong but it’s just my own opinion.

These two are my favourite under 1$ eyebrow pencil. 

Combination of the two brow pencil ☺
  • Jordana eyebrow pencil in AJ-6 dark brown
  • Davis eyebrow pencil in No. 018

My Apples what do you think? Which is better? 

I would love any suggestions on a good blendable filler. 

I’ll be waiting for your comments and suggestions… 

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