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My secret no brand loose highlighter

Hello my Apples!!!

I am going to reveal to you one of my secret beauty product in my makeup box. 

For a makeup artist, i usually don’t wear makeup but when i decided to, highlighter is one beauty product i go crazy on. 

At that time when Fenty Beauty was launched and i wanted that gold, sharp and glowing to the sun highlighter but reality check in the life of a broke blogger, the price gave me a run for my pocket. So during my December shopping with my bestie, I found a really lovely loose highlighter. It has no name attached to it, so it’s a no brand product. I would have loved to search for the brand name and write them a long beautiful remark on a job well done. 

The good thing about the no brand thing is that you can get small fancy containers and get your name on it. Bam!!!  You have a cool way of making small cash and also blessing your girlfriends to glow to the sun. Trust me, you can use one cup in months and still have enough to share. 

Here is a picture of my secret no brand highlighter. 

I got this babies for $4 and that’s like #1400 in Naira. 

This highlighter is so sharp, easy to blend to the skin and it comes in three beautiful shades. 

The only disadvantage is you have to avoid too much breeze. Don’t use it where it is windy because it will spread everywhere due to it looseness. Other than that, you have a Fenty replica my Apples. 

The glow is so beautiful… Guys loose highlighter is a must have beauty product. 

P.S. that’s a birthmark on my neck guys ‘smiling’

Comment below your brand of best highlighters…


  1. I love how pretty that highlighter is, definitely pops! I found a loose highlighter kit that came with a white, light pink, & bronze color, plus a liquid highlighter for $10. I think the name is “glow kit”. I absolutely love it!

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  2. Hey, I just ran into your blog, you’re so inspiring ❤️
    I love the color of your highlighter, it’s soooo beautiful, I love that gold shine ✨
    And you look just too beautiful ❤️
    Also, if you want, I would love you to take a look at my blog I think we have pretty much same interests 🙂
    Xo Nadja

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