Dear diary episodes

Dear Diary #1: I heard the last trumpet sound yesterday 

Dear diary, 

You wouldn’t believe what I heard yesterday night, it’s the freaking last trumpet sound. Angels blowing the last trumpet. 

My heart was racing, i was shaking and sweating profusely. Where is my Bible? I need to say my last prayers. Oh i need to confess my sins. I haven’t done much for people but, why now? 
I heard the voice the second time, it was so loud this time. My ear drums were vibrating. I quickly checked the window to see if anyone was floating in the air just like in the end time movies ‘This is the end” but no one was floating. All I could hear was the jams coming from the street clubs. 

Wait, I’m the only one hearing the last trumpet? Wait I’m the only sinner in the world? Oh my goodness, I’m going to miss heaven. I started counting in little things have done right but I realized something wasn’t right. 

Suddenly I heard a loud noise from the street. ‘oh yes now people are getting sucked up in heaven’ 

oh wait, that’s not the sound of people getting sucked up, those are heavy grammatical words coming out of two people arguing.

Hold on, I need to go downstairs, maybe there is a ladder taking people to heaven and there is some kind of misunderstanding in climbing. I rushed down with my Bible clutched to my chest like it’s a baby. As i opened the gate, you wouldn’t believed what I saw, it’s a freaking truck honking so loud, 

trying to get the two big grammar speaking beings to move their Kia (cars) out of the way. 
People right there I was relieved and angry at the same time. It was just a honking noise from a factory truck. 

Oh jeez what a big hearing confusion… 

Thank you diary. 

P.S. I was actually sleeping before the sound and the sleep was good ☺ before the trumpet truck sound 


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